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Access proven technologies and tools to enhance and customize your products for competitive differentiation - all in a convenient, royalty-free package. Using QNX® Technology Development Kits, you can develop and deploy applications on core kit technology, or modify the software to create custom derivative works.

Features and Benefits

  • Leverage advanced, field-proven technologies
    • Our industry experience and reputation in serving the needs of companies building mission-critical embedded systems is unmatched in the industry - as is the quality and reliability of our extensive technology base
    • Deploy innovative technologies such as symmetric multiprocessing, standards-based 3D graphics, resilient flash file systems, customizable web browsers, and more
  • Build systems for your unique market application
    • QNX Technology Development Kits complement the broad base of technology features supported by the QNX Neutrino® RTOS, letting you choose additional key technologies for your specific market requirements
    • Easily customize your application to fit your unique environment, using software tools and documentation
  • Reduce costs with royalty-free distribution
    • Licenses are granted on a per project basis, with additional aggregation of use terms available to extend the license over multiple projects, platforms, teams or even across your organization - providing you with the flexibility to choose the licensing terms that make sense for your business
    • Runtime royalty-free model gives you a predictable cost structure for the deployment of your project
    • All kits include a Right to Manufacture License - a royalty-free license to distribute specific QNX Technology Development Kit components for use in OEM devices in association with validly licensed copies of the QNX Neutrino® RTOS

    Kit At a Glance Binaries Source Documentation Sample Code Redistribution Rights
    Critical Process Monitor Develop self-healing network elements and construct failure-recovery scenarios
    Extended Networking Deploy advanced networking functionality with a full suite of proven standards-based networking protocols  
    Flash File System Develop highly resilient file systems for embedded NOR, NAND and ETFS flash  
    MOST Customize NetServices, audio, or IP networking over the Media-Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) bus
    Multimedia Create your own media playback or recording applications with reusable media handling components and standard formats
    Symmetric Multiprocessing Take advantage of concurrent software design to optimize performance and scalability    
    3D Graphics Create rich visual displays using standards-based 3D technology
    Web Browser Leverage current Internet standards and customize your web browser

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