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The QNX® Neutrino® RTOS provides advanced multimedia and graphics display capabilities to enable the creation of rich visual user interfaces and applications for a broad range of markets, including automotive, medical, industrial automation, and interactive gaming.

Using QNX technology, you can customize user interfaces, design composited displays that combine different types of dynamic and HMI content, implement performance-enhancing feature sets, and utilize comprehensive internationalization functionality.

Multi-layering and Multimedia Frameworks

  • Advanced multi-layering support, including 3D
  • Frameworks for building multimedia applications
  • Component integration for format handling
  • Content handling support, for dealing with different media formats such as MPEG 2

Accelerated 3D Graphics

  • Enhanced visualization and differentiation for graphic displays
  • Standards-based support for accelerated rendering of 3D graphics
  • Flexible direct image rendering to minimize memory footprint

QNX Photon microGUI® windowing system

  • Customizable foundation for creating human machine interfaces using a rich set of reusable GUI components and widgets
  • Support for a variety of fonts and languages
  • Flexible display capabilities for improved visualization
  • Tools for prototyping and remote connectivity


  • Broad support for language encoding standards and text input methods to provide choice to developers

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