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Deployment of Java embedded applications has increased significantly over the past few years because it enables efficient development, supports multiple platforms and facilitates interoperability for networked devices. Java-based applications are pervasive, and can be found in consumer devices, automotive systems, network edge devices, retail applications, and industrial monitoring and control applications.

QNX Software Systems has partnered with IBM Pervasive Computing to deliver certified Java runtime environments and technology. QNX® Java environments are certified to the J2ME standard and are delivered with end-to-end support for the IBM WebSphere programming and deployment model. Two configurations are available: Java certified and engineering controlled.

Java Certified Engineering Controlled
WebSphere Everyplace Micro Environment WebSphere Everyplace Custom Environment
  • TCK Tested - Java Powered
  • Coffee Cup Logo
  • J2ME Runtime Environment
  • Connected Device Config (CDC)
    • Gateways, telematics, STBs
  • Use for devices where hundreds of 3rd party applications will run
  • Opens the system as a platform
    • Games, M/W
  • Tested by IBM
  • No Coffee Cup Logo
    • Not J2ME compliant
  • Java Technology
    • Tuned for footprint / speed
  • Specialized Class Libs
    • Core, Xtreme, G/W, Max
  • Custom sub-setting, using smartLinker
  • Use in devices where complete control over application is desired
  • Controls runtime to an exact specification

Features and Benefits

  • Utilize comprehensive RTOS and Java product set for handheld and embedded markets
    • J9 virtual machine (VM) component runs as a process under the QNX Neutrino® RTOS
    • Implementation supports advanced features such as symmetric multiprocessing, QNX Photon microGUI® windowing system
    • Backed by QNX technical and commercial support
  • Deploy multiple native and Java applications simultaneously
    • Applications don’t interfere with other native applications
    • Java threads run as kernel threads within QNX Neutrino, providing system-wide priority-based scheduling and allowing realtime programming in Java.
    • Unique implementation of Abstract Windowing Toolkit allows Java applications to run in their own windows within the QNX Photon® microGUI® Windowing System – providing simultaneous visualization of both windows within the same display
  • Develop in a standard, Eclipse-based environment
    • Similar to the QNX Momentics® development suite, IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer is Eclipse-based (v2.1), providing a familiar development tool framework to QNX Momentics developers
    • Compatible with plug-ins from the ecosystem and community

IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer

  • Eclipse-based (v.2.1) integrated development environment (IDE) for creating and testing applications for handsets and other embedded devices

IBM Service Management Framework (SMF)

  • Runtime component for IBM Websphere Everyplace Custom Environment and IBM Websphere Everyplace Micro Environment, providing device management across the network to upgrade, add or remove applications for pervasive services

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