Repair industrial electronic equipment, CNC controllers,
PLCs, servo motors, inverters and servo drives with
1 year complete warranty.

Almost any type of industrial electronic unit can be
repaired in our service facility in Budapest, Hungary.
All assets transferred back, full functionally tested!

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Professional Lamtec sensors and systems for
combustion technology.

For combustion equipment manufacturers and
companies, for those ones whose intrested in boiler
improvements, time-efficient, cost-effective
and professional solution.

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MEN Micro – Professional Industrial Computers for
-40 °C +85 °C temperature range.

The MEN Micro Industrial Computers tolerate vibration,
shock, fully outdoor use type, and obvious solution for
extreme temperature conditions.

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„Build a reliable World!”

Operating systems, development tools, and
professional services for connected embedded systems,
more than 30 years!

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RealFlex 6 is a true realtime, multiprocessing, PC-based
OS package for SCADA and process control applications
based on Client/Server architecture.

Where the high reliability safety requirements, basic
infrastructure, process control and HMI applications
are recommended.

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Fully tested repairs with 12 months warranty repairs

Send to us the faulty CNC controller, servo drive, servo motors, PLC module or any brand of electronic units, we will answer automatically wirth fixed price offer!

Providing Service-exchange devices, ASAP

If you searching for no longer in production units, modules, PLC components, power units, drive units, inverters with guarantee.

Repair with emergency

Try our service! Repair and problem solution in 48-72 hours!


FMS Combustion management system

The FMS 4 adjusts up to four control elements as a function of a control variable according to freely programmable curves.

ETAMATIC controller structured conceptual schema.

Burner Controller for mixed firing based solutions. Parallel control of biogas, natural gas and oil firing.

(Itself) Security flame detection equipment

Use our high-quality German flame quard assets from today!


Newest MEN Micro products

High quality, modular embedded computer, with CompactPCI, PCIExpress, VME, PC104 architectures.

Compliance with standards

Excellent for difficult operating conditions and mission-critical system requirements.

Detailed product list

Get to know the MEN Micro market leader solutions, now!


Software solutions

Why more and more manufacturers elected the QNX equipment for controlling and monitoring?

Application areas

Learn the versatility of the QNX OS applications areas, in details!


Downloadable softwares and materials for QNX 6 operating system.


The newest RealFlex products

Get to know more about Realflex SCADA market leader solutions!

RealFlex „Embedded Server”

The RealFlex 6 server participating in any given system, where the other HMI (Human-Machine Interface), Flex View provides a connection to the server as a client, which compatible Microsoft Windows, also.

Application areas

Perfect for difficult operating conditions and mission-critical system requirements.